When planning your wedding day most people have an idea has to how they may want their day to look and feel.  This allows the atmospheric tone to be set.

It should start with the choosing of the brides dress along with some long-term ideas you may have already gathered.  The bridal design of the dress will determine the direction of the theme of your wedding.  Is the dress vintage, modern, classic or romantic? Generally the theme follows the lead of the dress or it can be a meeting point of several ideas you may have.

Next would be the venue.  What is the interior design like?  Does it match the style of dress, cake, invitations etc.  You are trying to achieve a coherent overall theme for the day running from the dress, makeup, hair, flowers, venue, food, time of year, invites, cake and entertainment.

It is Elite Wedding Days pleasure to help you through these stages of planning and create the perfect day that both you and your guests will remember.

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