Drink at least two litres of water a day as this will help to hydrate the body, aid with weight loss and improve your skin.  Vitamins will also give your skin, hair and nails new life.  One should exfoliate in order to make the skin feel softer and more toned. Use a combination  of a loofah and a body scrub to really help get your body’s skin looking great.  This is very important if considering getting a spray tan for the big day.

Lots of moisturizer after your shower or bath everyday will really help maintain the moisture levels in the skin hence keeping it soft and smooth.


On your wedding day the brides dress might allow for some leg to be seen.  It is important not to ignore your legs a give them the same treatment as the rest of your body’s routine.  If you are going to get waxed do so at least a week before the big day as the last thing you want would be marks or redness showing.  The same goes for shaving, try to do this a couple of days in advance to the big day making sure to use a moisturizing shaving cream and a rich moisturizer afterwards.


If you choose to get any facials make sure to get them at least ten days in advance of your wedding day.  This will give time for any impurities that are clearing out to be subsided before the day.  If you are considering the likes of facial peels or a course of more intensive facial treatments with a dermatologists start around six months beforehand.  Make sure to cleanse your face twice, tone, then moisturize both day and night.  Also apply sun factor everyday all seasons to protect your skin.

Neck & Decolletage

These areas of the skin are forgotten a lot of the time.  They need to be treated with care as they are more fragile than areas of your face, as the skin is thinner.  Use a lighter exfoliant on them and use moisturizer and sunscreen on them for protection.  The Brides dresses cut could reveal this area of skin.


It is very important that the area around your eyes is treated with the correct care.  Use a good eye cream around this area using only your ring finger to apply it in a dabbing motion. Dont rub this area of skin as it is very thin and the most delicate area of skin on your face.  Use a gentle eye makeup remover, lots of night eye cream and sleep along with some cucumber slices to cool the eyes skin and help eliminate puffiness and dark circles.


The couple should exfoliate their lips also by using a tooth-brush to take away any dead skin followed by a lip balm to keep them moistuized.  This is very important for the brides lipstick to look good and for the couples close up photographs.