Your hands need to be kept moisturized to keep the skin soft.  Use a hand cream with sunscreen.  At night you can use a moisturizer and gloves to help this.  Both the bride and groom can both get manicure to train and keep their nails in the best condition.  Remember you will be getting a photograph of your hands at some point on the big day.

If the bride opts to get nail extensions for the big day there are several choices like gel or acrylic.  These come in various shapes and the choice of top finishes are endless.  You need to talk to your nail technician and discuss it with them well in advance of the big day.  They should be applied one to two days before the wedding day.


Like your hands these too need to be kept.  The bride might decide on a peep-hole shoe and therefore her nails will be on show.  Again the couple can get a pedicure nearer the big day but before then one can look after their feet using a pumice stone to remove hard dry skin on the soles and heels of your feet.  You can use a pair of socks with lots of moisturizer overnight to keep them nice and soft.