The brides makeup on the wedding day is a very important element and really needs to be given a lot of thought.  You need to book a makeup trial so has to home in the finished look you are looking to achieve for the big day taking into account that a bride should look like the best version of themselves.  It should look natural and effortless but enhances all of your individual features.  The groom should also consider a little foundation to even out skin tone.  This is very important from a photographic point of view,  its wont look like you have makeup on just good skin.

The professional makeup artist will guide you with your look for the day and the couple should definitely get their eyebrows shaped and tinted as these frame the face and will help the couple to look great in the photographs.

The bride may opt for false lashes, these can be individual or semi-permanant.  Try to avoid strip lashes for the day as they might tend to move with a few tears.  On that note make sure that a waterproof mascara is used throughout the day.