The Bride needs to start looking after her hair leading up to the wedding day.  By getting deep conditioning treatments and getting the dull split ends cut away her hair will start on its way to loveliness.

Try to cut back on using heat styling on your hair as much as possible as this tends to dry hair out and cause damage.  Get your hair coloured and recut nearer the date.  About a month before the wedding you need to have a hair trail with your chosen hair stylist,  This is to determine the style you are going to have on the big day.  If you are not happy with the result from the trial do book another trial with several other stylist till you are comfortable with the person and result; as it is an important day and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or worried about the outcome of your hair.

The Groom also needs to start training his hair for the desired look he might be going for.  If you are going to grow some facial hair or just letting your hair become a little fuller on top.  The final cut should be nearer the wedding day.

On the day make sure you have extra hair pins, clips, hairspray for the bride.  The groom should take along some of his favorite styling products too so as to keep picture perfect throughout the day.