The bride has a lot to think about regarding her big day.  One of the most important things on the day is her wedding dress.  The lead time of a wedding dress can take up to six months from the time of order.  It is so important that a bride starts to dress shop as soon as the wedding date is set.  This date then allows the sale assistants narrow down the choices one has in relation to the time for her big day.

There are several styles of dresses, therefore it is important to try all the different cuts so as to really get an idea as to what suits your body shape for example pear, athletic, hourglass, square etc.  The bride should also try different types of fabrics like chiffon, tulle, lace, satin so as to get a feel for the overall cut and style she most prefers.

The bride also needs to choose if she is having a veil or a head-piece along with any other accessories she may want.  Once again there are several types for both of these areas.  Veils come in different lengths that are suited to different occasions.  The different lengths are elbow, fingertip, chapel and cathedral.  Each can be single or double with various fabrics and finishes to the edges of them.