Elite Wedding Days

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes are a very important element of your big day so chose them wisely.  Your wedding day is a very long day so you need to be comfortable.  From early morning to dancing late into the night you will be on your feet.

Bride & Groom

Brides might decide to have a few pairs of different shoes for example the high heel for the ceremony followed by a possible outdoor pair of shoes depending on weather and photo shoot location.  Also a pair of dancing shoes or slippers for late at night!

Grooms also need to make sure that they too are comfortable for their big day.  They should think about a pair that will give them longterm use after the wedding day.  An alternative pair of shoes for dancing or outdoors might also be considered.

Both the bride and the groom need to take into account the style of shoe they pick.  Do they suit the theme of their unique day.  Do they reflect a vintage, modern or classic style. This is very important as they could enhance or break an overall coherent look.


At the moment there is a trend that you wear a cool pair of shoes that totally go against the grain.  Welles, converse for a vintage look.  Brightly coloured shoes under the wedding dress and just a little peek surprises the onlookers as it’s not really expected.  This makes a great photograph and adds an element of fun to the big day.


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