Elite Wedding Days

Time of Year

The time of year can have a very big impact on a couple’s wedding day.  This can be a guideline for a personalized theme, help with chosing the location, venue type and the honeymoon.  Regarding the themes they fall into the categories Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  These can then be combined with the theme styles and customized ideas by Elite Wedding Days.

Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

A spring wedding will be from when the cherry blossom tress and daffodil flowers begin to bloom.  This is quite a fresh and romantic time.  A vintage theme would look lovely this time of year,

 A summer theme can lend itself to good weather, longer evenings and therefore possible outdoor venues.  It’s when most flowers are in bloom and a very busy season for a wedding.

An autumn wedding is rustic and earthy warm in colours or one could opt for a Halloween wedding!

Winter weddings are becoming very popular and generally run from the end of November onwards till Valentines Day.  Venues offer great deals this time of year and you can benefit from the venues extra decorations.  You can enjoy the festive season with loved ones and celebrate your wedding day together.  But winter weather for travelling could hinder the day so pick locations nearer to you.


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